A new habit


Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Ugfffff. Ugfffff. Ugfffff.” Is the weird, alien like noise that comes out of my mouth as my body is ‘adjusted’ on the treatment couch in my Chiropractors office.

I’m lying there thinking to myself how I always end up back here. On this couch. Eventually.

My brilliant chiropractor will do her magic thing and my back will get better and I’ll forget about it for a while.

Until I do something that means I find myself hobbling back to this couch.

Over and over.

FIVE YEARS of over and over.

It’s a disc thing. It pops and protrudes and each time it gets damaged it gets a bit weaker.

And often I need to take days off work. And take days off doing the stuff I love to do.

And then there’s the PAIN! 

My chiropractor talks to me about how I can help myself. Help my back to be stronger.

She tells me this every time I see her.

Over and over.

“Stretching. Pilates. Yoga. Regularly. Daily if you can.”

And I think about my yoga mat rolled up in its bright pink bag with the golden elephants on. The bag that I brought on a yoga retreat in India 3 years ago. How I was so full of excitement and inspiration about practicing yoga when I got home to the UK…

And yet how often do I make it to a yoga class? And it’s not even as if I don’t enjoy it when I actually do make it to a class…


I think it’s because there is always something else I think I’d rather be doing. It usually involves sitting on my sofa. I can find all sorts of excuses. I’m too tired. I don’t’ feel up to it. I don’t have time. I’ve got an early start tomorrow.

Basically, it’s not making the effort. Because it is effort. To get changed after a day at work. To go to the class sometimes in the cold or the rain. And then participate. Yoga or Pilates isn’t just lying down and going to sleep you know!

And because building a new habit doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s not an easy thing to do. It takes effort and focus and commitment. And a real, genuine desire to do it.

As I stood up at the end of the treatment I thought to myself “I don’t want another five years of over and over on my chiropractor’s couch.”

So, here’s the thing. I’m not going to turn into a Swami Monk or start doing daily sun salutations at 5am.

But, I am going to start loving my back and giving it what it needs.

My mat is coming out of its bag.

Sarah Taylor