The pebble and a grain of sand

The sea is my go-to place when I’m struggling to find peace with difficult thoughts or emotions.

Today I went to the sea because in three weeks I leave my corporate job behind to begin a whole new chapter in my life. And although I can’t wait to do loads more of what I love, to grow my business and live life on my own terms for a change, it’s also kinda scary and unsettling and unknown and who knows quite what’s going to happen!

So today I sat on the beach and pondered the evolution of a pebble. I thought about how once upon a time it was a rock and how it will one day be a grain of sand. And how that tiny grain of sand will become part of a massive seabed in a vast ocean that makes up over two thirds of our planet Earth. And then how Earth is just one tiny planet in a huge, almost incomprehensible universe of galaxies, planets, stars, black holes, space…And how the mind-blowing immenseness of this helps me put all my doubts, uncertainties and worries into perspective!!!

The sea seems to give me a sense of clarity and calm. I think the sea has some sort of meditative property - I get that ‘one with the universe’ feeling. I feel more connected to myself and the world around me. I'm reminded that whatever I’m feeling, I’m never alone. Because I’m not separate, none of us are.

“You are not IN the universe you ARE the universe.” – Eckhart Tolle

Knowing this helps me be more accepting of the inevitable uncertainty that is life. More accepting of the wild thoughts and emotions that sometimes knock me off balance. And to trust that the exciting mystery of the future will soon unfold!

Sarah Taylor