Are you being honest with yourself?

Are you being honest?

What would it be like to stop pretending to yourself that you’ve got everything you want?

What would it be like to start being honest with yourself?

To cut through the fear and the fog and get to the truth of who you are.

And by the way it’s absolutely natural to not know who you are and what you want - our relationship with ourselves is often confusing and multi-layered and heavily influenced by a whole heap of stuff like beliefs, cultures, media, society…

It’s also completely natural to feel doubt and worry about what you might find if you start exploring and being really honest with yourself about who you are and what you want.

Because let’s face it, looking at this stuff is a bit scary. It takes courage. What will you find?

Will you discover that you are gay? Or bisexual? Or queer or still questioning?

And then what?

Do the consequences scare you?

What will it mean? What will I have to do?

Firstly, I want you to know that you are in complete control here. There are no rules or must-do’s should-do’s or otherwise about coming out.

Secondly clarity is empowering.

It means you are no longer afraid to understand and accept who you are, right now, in your life.

It means you are ready to look your truth in the eyes.

I know you are brave enough to do this.

I also know you will feel calmer, clearer and a lot more in control when you do.

Sarah TaylorComment