Oh s**t I might not be straight

You say to yourself “I might not be straight” because somehow that feels more palatable, easier to cope with.

The label of being a lesbian or gay or queer or bisexual might feel too much to even think about or bear right now. And that’s just in the conversations you’re having in your own head!

You might be hoping that one day you will realise that you are not gay after all and things can go back to normal.

And no matter how many times you tell yourself “you only get one life, live it fully, enjoy it, be you” it doesn’t help you deal with the feelings of guilt and confusion and shame.

If this is you right now, I want you to know it DOES get better.

It might take time. It WILL take lots of understanding. And it starts with you understanding you. Discovering the real you. Peeling away the layers to find her.

I promise she will thank you for it.

As I was going through my own Coming Out journey I wish I’d known then that I would end up here, living a life I absolutely love, being me, being gay, being free (no bs)

I want you to know you CAN shape a new life for yourself.

p.s. a safe way to start exploring this stuff is listening to others stories, reading etc. my website has a resource hub which you might want to check out,.

Sarah TaylorComment