Are you stuck?

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Five years ago, I was in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, a job that was no longer inspiring me and living a life that just wasn’t fulfilling anymore. I had been in that place for months, probably YEARS.

Being stuck makes you feel pretty shitty doesn’t it? It can be anything from constant procrastination about something that you’re afraid will make you feel vulnerable or that you might fail at, to your WHOLE F-ING LIFE being on hold! It slowly eats away at your self-belief and confidence. Your critical self-talk is never far away to remind you how you’re wasting your life away, or that maybe this really is your lot. And why can’t you JUST BE HAPPY or get on and do something about it?!

I’ve been pondering how we’ve all been stuck at least once in our lives and how we did eventually get out of that stuck place - because life never stands still, not really. Things change. Often in ways out of our control. And how when we face a job loss, the death of a loved one, our partner leaving us or a health scare it jolts us out of our stuck place pretty damn bloody quick!

We stay stuck because it feels safe. We resist and cling to the familiar. We hold back from making decisions when we don’t know 100% how they’ll turn out. And we settle. We spin our wheels and bang our heads against the metaphorical brick wall! 

If I could go back and talk to the me of five years ago, I would ask her to start with ONE SMALL STEP. The step that means she is no longer stuck in the same place. I would say you don’t have to do it all at once or know what all the answers are or even how this thing is going to turn out! Yes, you will feel scared but you will also feel brave and EMPOWERED and IN CONTROL of your life. You have everything inside that you need to honour the amazing woman you are and all you are here to do in this lifetime...If this is speaking to you, I can help. Please get in touch to arrange your free discovery session.

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