Have you done this?

I used to sit in meetings or be in a conversation and think to myself “I don’t agree” “that’s unfair” “who says that’s the right way” “I don’t get it” but I would be afraid to speak up.

I stayed silent. An anxious knot in my belly. My chest tightening. My face flushing.

Thoughts racing. “What if I’m wrong?” “What if they think I’m being difficult or aggressive?” “What if they hold it against me?”

Have you been there too? It’s so f-ing uncomfortable and frustrating isn’t it?!

For me, it wasn’t just my own dis-ease with situations, often I was party to decisions that would ultimately impact others. And not in a good way.

Why do we hold ourselves back from speaking what we know to be true? Why do we fear what others will think of us even when we know what they are doing or saying is wrong?

Because we hold limiting beliefs about how we should or shouldn’t be, act and feel. That speaking out, disagreeing or having our own opinion is wrong. Or rude. Or inappropriate. And if we dare to do it, then our argument has to be perfect, we have to be smarter than everyone else or something bad will happen!

It's total B.S. right! We know this. Our fear of not being capable, clever or likeable enough. Our limiting beliefs about our capabilities and our worth as a human being. 
The truth is we already have everything we need to find our voice and to step into the truth of who we are. Because we know this isn’t us. We know it every time it feels awkward and we feel frustrated at being held back, or at seeing others being held back.

We have the desire. We have the heart. And we have the willingness to commit to doing things differently. I know we do. I know you do.

You have what you need to access your limitless potential. To live the next chapter of your life without limitations.

Sarah TaylorComment