Why walk when you can dance?

This is a photo of me at my first silent disco around three years ago.

That silent disco was both fantastically brilliant and really bloody uncomfortable!

Aside from dancing in broad daylight in a busy city centre with no alcohol inside me, the thing I was most anxious about was what other people would think of me.

what if I looked stupid?
what if I saw someone I knew?
what if I got the group synchronised dance moves wrong? (yes, we really did do that!)

And I'm so glad I got over myself and just let it flow and thought f-it relax and enjoy this thing...

Fear of judgement is paralysing.

It stops us from trying new things.

It keeps us small.

It squashes our creativity.

It stops us being able to be who we truly are...and it stops us having fun, feeling free and experiencing true joy.

It's B.S. right.

Sarah TaylorComment