You have a dream deep inside you


You have a dream, a passion project or a long-held creative idea. It’s something you’ve not spoken about to very many people - but it’s there, deep inside you, a flickering flame burning quietly away.

Most days you don’t think about it much. Afterall it’ll probably never come to anything. Your life’s too busy, you have so many other things, family, work, people and responsibilities that you have to put before any half-baked, whimsical dreams you might have for yourself.

And come on if you did take it seriously what are the chances of it actually getting anywhere? Of you making any sort of success of it? Of making that difference you are secretly yearning to make? Of helping others? Of giving back? Of sharing your passions and your creativity outside the confines of your own head, your own heart?

When you lie awake at night and allow yourself to think about it, it feels really f-ing exciting though doesn’t it?! When you imagine just for a few moments how it would feel to achieve something that you've created yourself, your ambition, your dreams brought to life. When you imagine the people you can help, bring joy to, by enriching their life, by sharing your skills, talents and gifts with them.

Listen up! I want to tell you two things.

One, YOU CAN DO THIS. I know this because five years ago I was right where you are now and if I can do it so can you!

Two, it’s NOT SELFISH. The one thing it so is not, is selfish! How can it be selfish to share your greatest gifts and talents with others? You have a gift to share, it’s selfish not to find a way to bring it into the world! And you will feel more fulfilled and energised and happy in your life. Which means that ultimately you give more to EVERYONE in your life. How can this be selfish?!

Your dreams deserve to be seen, to be brought to life. You may know what it is you want to bring into the world or it may just be a spark of an idea or just a feeling right now, a sense of wanting to do something more meaningful.

Wherever you're at, if this is speaking to you and you’re ready to figure out how to create a more inspiring, fulfilling life, then I’d love to work with you. 

Sarah TaylorComment