I see you

I see you, hiding your creative expression, playing small and dimming your light.
I see you, believing you need to behave as though you have all your shit together, all of the time.
I see you, believing the stories you are told by society and by other people about who you should be and how you should live your life.

I feel you, escaping and numbing it all out with food, wine and Netflix.
I feel you, being disconnected with your passions and your calling.
I feel you, empty, flat and lost.

I see you and I get you because I was that woman.

I’m also the woman who had a massive wakeup call just before her 50th birthday that made her re-evaluate who she was and what she wanted from her life.

That was when I started the journey to rediscover myself.
That was when I reignited my inner fire and my passions.
That was when I reconnected with my true purpose.

Guess what, your fire is burning away inside you too, waiting for you to express it, to bring it to life.

And do you know what else, you can gradually let go of those old stories that are holding you back. No matter how familiar and true they feel...they are not true!

You are free to be and do You.
Amazing, beautiful and unique You.

Sarah TaylorComment