I was terrified I would be trapped there forever


As soon as I woke up each morning the feelings of shame and remorse would kick in. Why did I have to drink that entire bottle of wine again last night, and eat all those crisps and that chocolate…urgh I hate myself.

Then I'd start thinking about how I haven’t been to the gym for weeks. And what had happened to the plan that I was going to do yoga once a week and make more time for my friends and visit my mum more. Why couldn't I just get my shit together?

I'd leave for the morning commute with a feeling of dread trying to ignore the increasing sense of despair and "what am I doing with my life?" questions spinning in my head.

Four years ago, this was how my mornings started, anxious, stressed and pretty bloody miserable.

Back then I couldn’t see a way out and yet I’ve completely turned my life around. After a lot of personal development and soul searching I understand myself better than ever before and I've learned that I'm more resourceful, capable and creative than I ever dared imagine (we all are!)

A year ago I made the (admittedly v scary) leap away from my corporate job to do what I love and what excites and inspires me every day, helping amazing women tap into their true potential to create the life and career they desire.

...I don't need to numb out or escape anymore.

Sarah TaylorComment