I thought that 50 represented the beginning of the end

Five years ago, I was approaching my fiftieth birthday and I was secretly freaking the hell out!

On the surface my life ticked all the boxes but underneath the facade I was struggling with an increasing sense of despair and stuckness. I was in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, a job that was no longer inspiring me and living a life that just wasn’t fulfilling anymore. I had been in that place for months, probably years.

I felt lost. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted or where I was going anymore.

I was constantly questioning and judging myself. “What if your fears are true? What if this is all there is for you? “You’re wasting your life away”, “Why can’t you just be happy or make a decision, get on and do something about it!”

The worst thing about all of this was that I was gradually losing my confidence and self-belief, staying small, keeping quiet and dimming my light. I’d lost sight of who I was, all I could be, the passions and the dreams I once had.

Back then I couldn’t see a way out. And yet I’ve changed my life completely. I dug deep and understood myself better than ever before. I tapped into what I really wanted and I’ve realised that I am more capable, creative, passionate and purposeful than I ever dared think possible!

Are you ready to break free from the limitations that are holding you back?

Sarah TaylorComment