It's BS

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That midlife stereotype. You know the one – telling us that women our age should be slowing down, fading into the background and accepting a gentle decline into decrepitude. The one that tries to dictate to us what we can and cannot do, what we should and shouldn't be saying, feeling, thinking…Argh, I say B.S. to all that!

But it gets under the skin doesn’t it? You find yourself wondering if it’s true. If maybe it is too late and you are too old (spoiler alert: it’s not too late and you’re never too old!)

And if it were true, what would happen to your unfulfilled dreams and ambitions? Those ones you’ve been daydreaming about for years, afraid to tell anyone about because you’re secretly worried they will laugh or judge you. And because part of you doesn’t really believe you can do it. But they’re still there aren't they, burning away deep inside.

I know you're yearning to do something more meaningful, make a bigger contribution. And I feel you hoping and praying you can find the confidence to take the first step – and stop doing your own head in because you know you’re holding yourself back!

I know you’re fed up with wondering “what if?” Of lying in bed at night dreaming of the person you could be, the life you could have, the amazing things you could achieve. I see you and I get you because I’ve been that woman. And I’d love to help you reignite your spark and get a fire back in your belly.

Sarah TaylorComment