What are you going to do with your second chance?


When I was sixteen, I had my heart set on a career in the police force or fire service.

My parents had different ideas. They told me “it’s too dangerous. These are not jobs for women. You will be bullied. You’re not strong enough to cope.”

I was desperately disappointed that they didn’t support me and also scared of standing my ground. 
I wanted my parent’s approval. I wanted to be who they wanted me to be.
I wanted their reassurance.

I gave up my dream of an exciting, challenging career and I did what my parents suggested - a secretarial course at sixth form college.

That moment when I chose to take the safe option that my parents wanted for me, was a pivotal moment in my life that I’ve often looked back on.

I chose to do what others wanted. 
Be who others wanted. 
I put my dreams and hopes to one side in favour of the safe option.

Four years ago, at the age 49 after a long, very successful career in HR I found myself at a big turning point in my life, facing the question “what next?”

Was this my second chance?
To follow my heart? 
To be brave? 
To be who I truly am, not who others want me to be?

I decided that I would not risk dying knowing that I hadn’t followed my heart and my passions. That I would not leave this world without making a bigger difference.

Four years ago I needed to choose more. 
I needed to choose dreams, hopes and ambitions.
I needed to choose something more for me, or risk leaving this planet having never tried. 
Having never really lived with freedom and purpose.

I chose the fear and anxiety of failing.
I chose the leap of faith.
And I chose the joy of knowing I am helping people. Amazing, talented, brilliant and brave women. 
I chose self-belief and pride for making a difference.

And I’m really just at the beginning. There is so much more ahead for me on this journey.

What are you going to do with your second chance?

Sarah TaylorComment