Where the F did I go?


You’re wondering what on earth happened to the woman you once were.

Some days you get a glimpse of your old self. That passionate, feisty, go-getting you.

Those days when you get all excited about everything there is still to do in life. All the brilliant opportunities you have ahead of you to try new things, learn, experience, grab life by the horns and…

Then as quickly as the feelings of excitement and optimism appeared the voice in your head kicks in – don’t get carried away, who do you think you are?! Shirley Valentine?! That woman in the Julia Roberts film, Eat Pray Love?!

You talk yourself out of it or you put it off for another day, another time. When you’re feeling more confident. When you’ve got more headspace. When things are quieter at home… and life carries on. Just as it is.

And I get it. It’s bloody hard isn’t it, especially on days when you feel exhausted from the whole business of life, the career, the needs of the family, the organising, the being there for others. Finding time to think, let alone work out what you want to do with the next 20 years of your life feels impossible!

But the questions don’t go away.
Why do I feel like something's missing?
How can I find my passion and spark again?
How can I find more meaning?
What do I really want to do with my life?

Those bloody midlife stereotypes don’t help either. Telling us we’ve had our best years and it’s too late now to start something new or reignite our life – what bullshit! Women like us have the capability, wisdom, knowledge and life experience to achieve incredible things and so many are doing just that. From changing careers, starting businesses, writing books, travelling the world to campaigning for positive change and human rights.

Your old self is still there within you. She just needs rediscovering, bringing out into the light again - so you can fully shine and be all you can be. All that you are.

Sarah TaylorComment