Wine Chocolate and Netflix

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The thoughts and feelings won’t go away – the knot of emotional guilt in your belly. Why can’t I just be happy with what I have in life. Why do I keep daydreaming about something more, something greater than this?

I see you staying quiet. You don’t dare tell anyone about the void you feel. The lack of fulfilment like somethings missing. How can you complain when you have everything?

I see you reaching for the wine or chocolate or Netflix box set. Something to help you escape, to numb out the feelings, to take you away from the dissatisfaction of it all. You’ve made your bed. Just be happy for f’s sake!

I've so been there!

Believing it’s selfish and ungrateful to want more from life, more for you, when you have so much. Because we’re told that we should prioritise caring for our family and loved ones over everything else. We believe that only selfish women put themselves first.

We struggle to honour our own feelings and needs.

We end up being last on our own to-do list!

What if I told you that taking your own needs and wants into consideration is not the same as selfishness. That looking after your own emotional wellbeing and growth and shining your own light, isn't selfish, it’s necessary?

How would it feel to release the fear of being perceived as greedy or selfish? To swap that for knowing if you feel more energised, excited, happy and fulfilled you can share your gifts more widely with the world AND give even more to the things and people that you love the most?

How would that change things for you?

If you have seen yourself in any of this post, I would love to help you follow your passions and live with more fulfilment.

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