Sarah helped me explore and discover more than I expected in a very positive way. Sarah naturally attunes to you. Before I arrived, I was feeling anxious due to recent experiences and changes in my life but I was calm, relaxed and feeling positive and excited in record time during the session.
Sarah showed a real depth of understanding me and how I tick strengthening my belief in my abilities. By the time I left I felt so much lighter. In fact, the changes that had made me anxious recently I could now see were opportunities to grow and develop the best in me! Something powerful shifted for me yesterday. Today I got up with a spring back in my step. Thank you so much.
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They say that sometimes in life the right person comes along at the right time - Sarah, for me, is that person.
I have gained so much from having coaching sessions with Sarah and am very thankful for the opportunity. I am benefiting from having a safe space in which I can reflect and talk, and be asked questions nobody else asks, which makes me think about things differently and move towards feeling better in myself and making clearer decisions and plans.
Sarah is a professional, solid, empathic and insightful woman who is very easy to spend time with. If you are wondering whether to get in touch with her, my answer would be a definite yes!
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Sarah was an amazing woman to work with in corporate life where she had a huge impact on leadership development. Personally, she has helped me grow my potential as a leader with her innate ability to identify blind spots and provide coaching feedback to help you become the best you can be.
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This was my first experience of being coached and I was very impressed by how powerful and valuable the experience was. Sarah was amazing at giving me time and space to talk and explore my thoughts and my emotions. I gained a lot of clarity around what I felt about the subjects and what I felt. I always came out feeling positive about solving the situation or about having an action plan. I really valued the way Sarah used reflection, I found this incredibly powerful and helped me to realise what I had actually said! Her ability to listen is fantastic and the reassuring presence she has is exceptional. It was an absolute pleasure having coaching with Sarah and I felt like I took significant steps forward during my sessions with her. I would highly recommend her!
Before I started coaching with Sarah I’d been feeling really stuck in my work and my future direction. Sarah has helped me feel more centred within myself and has changed the way I think about life. I’m now clearer about what I want, I have a forward plan for myself and I know where I’m heading, which is amazing! As a coach Sarah knows when to listen, when to give you space to reflect and always seems to pinpoint exactly the right question to get you thinking and find your own best answer. Her approach is gentle, understanding and real - she connects with you and just seems to get where you’re coming from.
As a result of coaching with Sarah I’m less reactive and I don’t get so overwhelmed with difficult situations. I’ve learned how to respond in different, more positive ways which has improved my relationships as well as my stress levels! I’m more able to be myself, which means coming from a place of my truth and not having to try and act and be a certain way. I have less self-doubt and way more self-belief and confidence in all parts of my life. With Sarah’s help I’ve learned a lot about who I am and created some deep and lasting life changes.
Coaching with Sarah gave me a safe space to explore my thinking on some underlying issues that have been obstructing me for a while and explore new ways to approach resolving them. I was able to uncover issues and beliefs that were underpinning the way I approach key aspects of my life. Sarah facilitates a space that is very conducive to self-understanding. She has the presence, patience and ‘unconditional positive regard’ that is so central to doing this well. I felt her approach supports the deepest part of the individual and looks at all parts of their life in a holistic way, rather than just picking off a small issue and trying to deal with it in isolation which I personally found very helpful.
Over the past few years I have felt stuck and lacked direction in my life purpose and my career. Pushing forward was always short lived as I would just end up coming back to confusion and fear. I was looking for support and help but wasn’t sure where to start. I was so blessed that Sarah was recommended to me by a friend who had just started working with her and so this felt like opportunistic synchronicity.
Sarah is warm and calm. She listens with deep understanding and helpful reflection. I learned the fundamental principle of being in alignment with my core values, which for me, has been so valuable. I have learned some great tools and strategies to tackle what is keeping me stuck. I enjoyed the homework exercises even though it was a personal challenge to examine my negative thought patterns. Sarah has helped me re-evaluate my abilities in a truer, more positive, confident light and I now have the tools to help me challenge my old belief systems and rebuild my authentic one.
I found Sarah to be incredibly supportive, compassionate and constructive. She helped me focus on areas of my life that I wanted to change, enhanced my self-confidence and gave me invaluable tools and techniques so I can deal with the bumps that life sometimes throws at me. Sarah helped move me forwards, towards a more positive and rewarding future. If you’re thinking about getting a coach I would definitely recommend Sarah!