I’m definitely a contradiction (but then I think we all are!)

I’m an introvert and love spending time on my own pottering, pondering, walking in the woods, by the sea or sitting in the local park with a coffee watching the world go by. I also love standing in front of a room full of people running a workshop or an event. I get such a buzz from supporting the amazing ideas and projects the women I work with bring to the table.

I’m an ISFP, which in Myers Briggs language means I’m fiercely loyal and very committed to the people and things that matter to me. I’m sensitive and conflicts make me squirm. I’m spontaneous and like to decide what I’m doing in the moment. I prefer to do things in my own time and not to someone else’s schedule!

My favourite places to connect with who I am and the amazing universe we live in are by the sea in my hometown of Hove and at the top of a hill in the Scottish Highlands. I'm as much Scottish (both parents) as I am English (born in Surrey). Apparently, I can choose which I’d like to be which has never made much sense to me!

I dream of running a holistic retreat centre somewhere peaceful in the mountains with a distant sea view and a pottery studio in the gardens!

I believe that our bodies are self-healing geniuses. When we don’t abuse them and we give them the right conditions to heal and rebalance themselves, that’s exactly what they do.

The Buddhist teachings really resonate with me because they are about being fully and deeply human and so down-to-earth and easy to connect with. My most favourite person to read and listen to about all things spiritual is Tara Brach.

I’m scared of being chased. When I was a kid I got chased by a very big, terrifying dog. So now, even though I’m not scared of dogs I am scared of being chased. By anything really, but especially axe murderers.

I’ve recently discovered 5Rhythms, a dance based movement meditation practice. It’s blown me away and given me a much-needed way of getting out of my head and into my body. I feel so connected, free and creative when I’m dancing it - I’m in love!

My most impressive sporting moment was the amount of blood I lost when I got headbutted and broke my nose whilst playing football for Staines Town in 1996.

My favourite food is smashed avocado with a squeeze of lime, black pepper and chopped chillies on sourdough bread. And macaroons, snowballs, coconut pyramids, coconut yogurt…in fact I go crazy for all things coconut!

My favourite band is Everything But The Girl.

My favourite poem is the Guest House by Rumi.

My top personal values are freedom, courage, creativity, growth, connection and compassion.

I’m wondering what yours are.