Why work with me?

You may be wondering if I’m the right coach for you and if I can help you. I’m well aware there are lots of coaches out there for you to choose from so I wanted to give you a bit more info. to help you decide.  You can also head over to my story and more about me. Ultimately if you’re wavering about working with me, sitting on the fence or not even sure if coaching is the right solution for you let’s grab a cup of tea, have a free, no obligation coaching introductory session and find out shall we.

Beyond the certificates

I worked for 20 years as a people development specialist and senior leader in some of the largest public sector organisations in the UK, where I designed and delivered management development, mentoring and team improvement programmes. I’m a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (one of the most respected HR professional bodies in the world). I have extensive knowledge of adult learning theory as well as first hand experience of making learning happen for real by working with 100’s of people to support them with their personal and career devevelopment. Basically, I’ve learned a shedload about how to develop people successfully.

I’ve lived a bit

There have been a number of pivotal moments in my life. Like the time I decided to leave school with a handful of crappy O’levels. Or the time I decided to complete a postgraduate Masters degree in Human Resources. Or the time I came out to my family after years of self-denial and struggle. Or the time I got promoted three times in less than a year. Or the time I decided to train in holistic massage and Reiki healing. Or the time I was so broken-hearted by love it took me years to get over it. Or the time after my Dad died when I felt like I was living in a personal fog that didn’t lift for months. Or the time I was fast approaching fifty, stuck and terrified of changing but more terrified of staying where I was. That time that I made a choice to put myself back in the centre of my life and start my own business as a transformational life coach and workshop leader. That’s been pretty pivotal!

Real life lessons

I’ve learned how to help other people get where they want to be by drawing on my own life lessons. I know that life can be bloody hard but I also know that every one of us can do hard things, whether that’s leaving a job or a relationship that just isn’t working for us anymore, or starting a business, or making big decisions, or finding our voice, or speaking in front of a room full of people, or getting in control of our health and wellbeing…or being brave and true to ourselves. We can do it!

Walking the talk


Four years ago, I was stuck, miserable and heading for a breakdown. I turned my life around. I invested in myself, I got really clear on what I wanted to achieve, I challenged my long-held beliefs, assumptions and behaviours (with the support of one of the wisest women I know, my life coach!). Because I wanted to create something better for my life. To live in the fullness of who I am and to do more good with what I have been given.

Dreamed it. believed it. made it happen! If I can do it, you can do it too.