Hello, I’m Sarah

I specialise in helping women over forty totally shine and thrive in midlife. Women like you who are wondering ‘is this it?’ Women who have unfulfilled dreams and ambitions. Women who are secretly yearning for more meaning and know they have more to offer but are terrified it’s too late or they’re too old (one thing I do know for sure is that it’s not and you aren’t!)

I can help you figure out who you are and what you want from this next chapter. I can help you find more meaning and purpose so you can use your gifts to make a bigger difference in the world whilst creating greater freedom in your life.

Are you ready to challenge the negative midlife stereotype? Are you ready to celebrate the amazing woman you are now, to reignite your inner fire and live to your fullest potential?

It’s time to meet your Midlife Rebel…

Your Midlife Rebel is confident, passionate and stands up for what she believes in no matter what. She isn’t afraid and she isn’t holding back. She sees all the wisdom, knowledge and experience she has to offer, not in spite of but because she is a woman in midlife. She knows she is here to make a bigger difference in the world and she’s ready!

Are you ready to embrace your Midlife Rebel and live your life with more freedom, purpose and meaning?

Are you ready to feel excited and inspired about your future again?


Then let’s do this!


My Mission

My Mission is to help amazing midlife women follow their passions to make a bigger difference in the world whilst creating greater freedom in their life. My hope is that collectively we can support the generations of brilliant young women coming up behind us by role modelling a new, bolder and more empowered vision for midlife women.


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